Abstract Guidelines and Submission

Abstract Submission is now open, please click here to submit your abstract for the HAA 2017 Meeting.

Abstracts must be submitted according to the guidelines below. Abstract Submission will close on 6 July 2017 (11:59pm AEST).

You are invited to submit informative and relevant abstracts in a word document using the approved template. 


The 2017 Meeting will be introducing mini oral sessions which will take place on Monday 31 October as part of the poster-viewing session. A select number of poster presenters will be offered the opportunity to present their abstract in this format. 

Poster Printing

If you are accepted as a poster presenter your poster will be printed by the Meeting.  Delegates must send their poster artwork files to haa@tcc.co.nz by Friday 6 October in order to meet the printing deadline. Delegates cannot bring their own posters and this will be strictly enforced. Failure to supply your poster by this date will result in the withdrawl of your abstract from the program.

Submission acknowledges consent to publication of the abstract in the Meeting proceedings and Meeting app. The presenting author will be required to register for the Meeting in order to ensure their abstract(s) is included in the final program. 

  • Tables and figures can be included but the abstract must be laid out as specified and must not exceed one page.
  • Please only use standard abbreviations or define them in full.
  • Please use Arial font, size 11pt.
  • Please limit your abstract to 300 words (excluding titles and references)
  • Paragraphs should be seperated by an empty line, please do not indent the first line of a paragraph

Please note:
Accuracy is the responsibility of the author, please ensure you have proof read your document carefully.
Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the reproduction of symbols, accuracy of symbols cannot be guarenteed in the reproduction.

If you have any queries about Abstract Submission, please view our FAQ page or contact us directly at haa@tcc.co.nz.

Abstract Template

Your abstract must be prepared using this template. Please use up to the first 5 words of your title as the file name, do not include any presenter or author names in the file name or abstract document. You will upload this document as part of your abstract submission.

Abstract Title

Please write the title in sentance case (capitalising only the first word and proper nouns), do not use quotation marks.

Authors and Affiliations

Do not include the author's names in the body of the abstracts as the abstracts are subject to a blind review process. The names of all participating authors (including yourself) will be entered into the abstract submission form. Please do not include degrees or professional titles.

Abstract Text

Abstracts that merely state the results that will be presented will be subject to rejection. All abstracts are subject to review by the Program Committee and acceptance into the program is not guaranteed. The Committee suggests that where applicable the abstract follow the format outlined below.

State concisely why the study was conducted
Indicate the locale, sample number, principal test(s) performed, and the types of statistical analysis employed
Confirm or refute the hypothesis, supported by statistics if appropriate
State the effect of the study on future patient management or the understanding of basic processes

Conflict of Interest Statement

If the research described in the abstract was supported by a commercial company you must indicate the company's role in analysing the data or preparing the abstract. You will be asked to supply the following statement during the submission process:

"No conflict of interest to disclose".

"This research was supported by __________. The company had no role in analysing the data or preparing the abstract."

"This research was supported by __________. The company insert free text describing company role in data analysis or abstract preparation."

This conflict of interest statement is mandatory for all abstracts submitted and will appear wherever the abstracts are published. For abstracts accepted as an oral presentation, please ensure you include a slide disclosing the conflict of interest within your presentation.


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